Plugin page doesn’t load. “Add-on Retrospective Tools for JIRA is not responding.”


This is likely a sign of project or board permissions setup problem.
The plugin can only access projects or boards which are visible to the special system generated user named You can see this user at the following URL:

where YOUR_ORGANISATION is the relevant account name. This is what the user admin page looks like:

To correct permissions please make sure, that this user has read access to the projects you are trying to use it against. One of the methods to do this is:

  • note groups in the USERS role in your project. (See Atlassian JIRA Cloud documentation for more on project roles.)
  • make sure, that user belongs to at least one of these groups

In the above example screenshot the special user belongs to jira-users group, so you’d have to make sure that project you’re trying to user the plugin with has jira-users group listed in the USERS role.

Some boards not available for selection


Only board with read permissions for currently logged in user special system created are visible and selectable.

To change board permissions, follow Atlassian board configuration documentation.

Any other problems

Please write to, or open a ticket on our support Trello board.