Retrospective Tools (JIRA)

Retrospective Tools

See your project from a different perspective

Discover past events that affected delivery of the project as you navigate the timeline. See dynamics of the team as the history of issues travelling through workflow is replayed in fast forward.

Get to the bottom of problems

Get deep understanding of your workflow using charts, diagrams and statistics. Bottlenecks, too large tasks, other constraints become obvious with help of built in CFD, Liquidity chart, Lead Time statistics etc.

Simple to use visual tools

Visualisations and animations work out of the box, accessed from the project page.


With Retrospective Tools for JIRA you can visualise and analyse history of a project on a JIRA Kanban board.


Replaying history for a project

Retrospective Tools for JIRA doesn’t require initial setup and is ready to use right after installation. You can access it via:

| Project’s page Add-ons menu, by selecting Retrospective Tools link

| Agile Board (either Kanban or Scrum), by using Retrospective Tools dropdown at the top


After landing on Retrospective Tools page you’ll be presented with analysis options. These options differ depending on how you accessed Retrospective Tools.

Retrospective Tools via Project’s page – Add-ons menu

Accessing Retrospective Tools from the project Add-ons menu displays all the configuration and filtering options.

The top options area contains the following:

| Select issues using Filter, JQL or Board

Select issues for analysis. Use any JIRA filter, JQL or filter defined for the Agile Board.
Note, that it’s possible to analyse issues from multiple projects by using any of Filter, JQL or Board options.

| Columns

When using Agile Board as source of issues, columns will be defined by that board. Otherwise columns are generated automatically based on statuses in current project workflow.
To customise columns, click the edit button – column configuration dialog allows to group statuses in columns, create or delete columns.

| Timeframe

Start and end dates for analysis. Automatic switch will select start and end dates to include all creation and status change events.

| Swimlanes

Create horizontal swimlanes on the board by grouping issues by selected properties.

| Settings

Additional display and animation options.

Retrospective Tools via Agile Board

You’re presented with a subset of configuration options because issues and columns are preconfigured from the Agile Board.

You can select Timeframe, Swimlanes and change display Settings.

Playback controls

Playback controls allows you to navigate the timeline and animate the board.

Play, pause, and skip buttons work as you’d expect them to. You can quickly skip to any time by clicking on the timeline itself.

Change animation speed.

Quickly jump to any issue by typing part of its name or key in the Find issue. Selected issue will turn yellow on the board and timeline will jump to its creation time if currently selected time happens to be before that.

You can see the state of the project at selected time on the board below.

The animated Agile Board

Issues are shown and animated on the Agile Board similar to the one below:

Each issues shows a progress bar which indicates how long it took to finish work on it in that column. Progress bars are animated during playback.

Number and titles of columns depend on the workflow and configuration of Retrospective Tools for JIRA for a particular project (see Configuration section).

Anatomy of detailed issue view

A – General information: Issue key, type, assignee, summary
B – Progress in current column (or greyed out if this is the last column issue spent time in selected timeframe)
C – Issue status history as colour coded columns
D – Total progress marker
E – Resolution marker (shown only for issues which got resolved)


Graphs can be turned on and off from the playback control panel.

We’re currently supporting:

Cumulative Flow Diagram.
Liquidity diagram (histogram of number of changes per unit of time, and running averages of those).

For the tips on how to use graphs, check the How To… section.

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Frequently asked questions

This is likely a sign of project or board permissions setup problem.
The plugin can only access projects or boards which are visible to the special system generated user named You can see this user at the following URL:

where YOUR_ORGANISATION is the relevant account name. This is what the user admin page looks like:

To correct permissions please make sure, that this user has read access to the projects you are trying to use it against. One of the methods to do this is:

  • note groups in the USERS role in your project. (See Atlassian JIRA Cloud documentation for more on project roles.)
  • make sure, that user belongs to at least one of these groups

In the above example screenshot the special user belongs to jira-users group, so you’d have to make sure that project you’re trying to user the plugin with has jira-users group listed in the USERS role.

Only board with read permissions for currently logged in user special system created are visible and selectable.

To change board permissions, follow Atlassian board configuration documentation.

Data security and privacy statement

The plugin doesn’t store any data related to users, issues or any other information from JIRA instance it’s installed on. The only information stored on the server relates to plugin configuration. This data is stored on servers which belong to Google. For details please see policies.

The plugin uses Google Analytics to track usage statistics.

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