JIRA Replay release 1.1.0

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We’ve just released version 1.1.0 of JIRA Replay! On top of smaller user interface improvement and bug fixes, it introduces 2 important features:

Ability to specify which issues to replay using JQL

This gives greater flexibility and makes it faster and more convenient to filter out issues you don’t want to see animated on the board.
The interface has changed to allow for switching between Filter and JQL. We’ve also introduced some basic statistics about how many issues are selected, and how many events (history changes) are being simulated:
Version 1.1.0 settings UI

Custom column definitions per user

Previously there was just 1 set of status to column mapping per project. With JIRA Replay version 1.1.0 we’ve introduced ability to create up to 2 custom column settings.
This may be useful when you want to aggregate several statuses into 1 to compare with other setup. Or simply when you don’t have administration permissions for the project and need to quickly check alternative mapping.

An example when this may be useful is grouping several Development related statuses into one. This will make the animations and graphs easier to read.
Example: group Ready for Development, In Development, Code Review into single Development column.

You can switch between sets of columns simply by selecting them from the dropdown “Columns”.
To edit the set, use the pencil button next to the dropdown: JIRA Replay custom columns edit button.
This will open dialog, where statuses can be dragged in dropped in the columns:

JIRA Replay 1.1.0 - editing columns

We hope these 2 functionalities will improve your workflow and make using JIRA Replay more enjoyable!

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