What is Advanced Export

With Advanced Export for JIRA you can easily export issues (including history of changes) for further analysis in a spreadsheet or other tools.

As far as we know this is the only add-on that allows for export of history of changes for JIRA issues. Simply select what standard JIRA fields of custom fields you’re interested in and download exported CSV file. The file will contain additional row for every change of any of the selected fields.


Let’s assume there’s a JIRA project with 2 custom fields: Ice Cream Flavor and Reason. Issues in this project track current preferences for ice cream. Owner of one of the issues started with Vanilla ice cream and a reason of Safe Choice. He then changed the fields to Chocolate and Adventurous, followed by Strawberry and Why Not.

All these changes can be found in issue history panel in JIRA, however analysis would become cumbersome if we had tens or hundreds of issues with many changes for each.

With Advanced Export add-on you can export CSV file which would look similar to the below (assuming we’re exporting fields Created, Ice Cream Flavor, Reason, Assignee):

Key As Of Date Changed Fields Created Ice Cream Flavor Reason Assignee
1 ISSUE-1 05/23/2017 05/01/2017 Strawberry Why Not Tomek
2 ISSUE-1 05/15/2017 Ice Cream Flavor, Reason 05/01/2017 Strawberry Why Not Tomek
3 ISSUE-1 05/10/2017 Ice Cream Flavor, Reason 05/01/2017 Chocolate Adventurous Tomek
4 ISSUE-1 05/01/2017 05/01/2017 Vanilla Safe Choice Tomek

Columns Key, As Of Date and Changed Fields are always added by the report.

  • Row 1: current values of fields. Changed Fields is empty as there were no changes on the day the report was generated.
  • Rows 2-3: rows representing snapshots of values of fields on the dates changes occurred. Changed Fields show which fields were amended.
  • Row 4: initial state of the issue as it was created

Note, that values in columns Created and Assignee remained constant.

Advanced Export Usage

Select Export/Advanced Export in any issue search view in JIRA. (top level JIRA menu -> Issues)

Access Advanced Export

Or in the new look JIRA:


Select fields that you want to export, and choose whether history should be exported as well (this will produce extra rows for each change of the isssue, as described above).

Select fields to export

Select options


1. 403 – Forbidden; 414 – URI too long errors

One of these errors occur when you try to export more than around 1000 items. Unfortunately this is JIRA Cloud limitation, not something that the add-on can overcome at the moment.

We suggest limiting number of issues to ~500. To limit number of issues in the advanced search, you can for example use .. AND CREATED > -14d .. JQL to only show items created in the last 2 weeks, etc. (e.g. project = ABC and created > -14d ORDER BY created DESC). The JQL you can use depends on the context and you may slice the data in other ways, e.g. per project, creator, issue type etc.

We’re working on alternative interface, where you’ll have an option to input JQL manually, or export based on saved filter.

Data security and privacy statement

The plugin doesn’t store any data related to users, issues or any other information from JIRA instance it’s installed on. All the computations are performed in the browser. No data from JIRA is transmitted to the server at any time.

The plugin uses Google Analytics to track usage statistics.


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